Saturday, January 19, 2008


This week has really been a trial. For those of you that didn' t know Addison was in UVRMC for 2 1/2 days with complications from RSV (respritory sylinacal virus). After basically quarentineing her, our best efforts failed us. She got it anyway.
She was admitted on tuesday after I saw that her fingers and toes were turning blue and was fighting to breath, had a temp of 103, and wasn't doing well at all. Mom had had enough. We rushed to the doctors office and they sent us to the hospital right away. Where they suctioned her out and got 10cc's of crud from her lungs and sinuses. I was a wreck at this point. They put a baby IV in her arm and had to do it twice because she was dehydrated. I felt like the worst mother in the world.
After 2 days and alot of prayer she was doing alot better and they sent her home. She is recovered about 95% but is still stuffy and worn out. But I suspect soon she will be good as new.
Thank you to everyone that worried and called us. I love living this close to family and friends that care so much about us.

Addison's Big Day

Addison was blessed on January 6,2007. It was really nice to see all of our familyin one place. Alot of people came from far away and that was sweet of them to support us. Heath did a great job on the blessing, I think he got more emotional than I did. He is a softy for this little girl. Doesn't she look like a marshmallow in her blessing dress! Grandma Dalton made this gorgeous dress for her ( she is so talented).