Thursday, May 6, 2010


Sweet Michelle put hers up, so here are mine, don't judge me

1-I love my job, not many people can say that-but not many people enjoy gross things that come out of peoples mouths...weird
2-I have diet coke usually before 8am-nothing like the first morning burn
3- I hate lds historical fiction, Work in the Glory, Undaunted-Gag! I'm with you on Jane Austen Michelle,
4-I love to read. anything than the above mentioned
5-I hate being alone during the day, I feel vulnerable.
6-Since turning 30 I have gained 8lbs and now I wear glasses, but i still feel like I am 16 inside. Do you.
7- I have a housekeeper. My splurge during the month.
8-i go to sleep before 9pm most nights
9- I love to sew but hate cutting patterns,
10- my closet is a mess!!!!! It drives heath crazy, i love it:)
11-Addi still wakes up in the night because I am a wimp and don't let her cry it out.
12-I've eaten a whole pecan pie by myself before, then had to make a new one to cover my gluttony- Heath asks "want any pie" no I'm good.
13- my kid eats chicken nuggets every day.
14-i have two dresser drawers full of "stretchy pants" pathetic
15- i hate to scrapbook-it a genetic disorder-I'm seeing a counselor
16- i yell at Addi way more than i should.