Saturday, January 17, 2009


My life is small but complex. well not that complex, but busy and full of stuff to do. I didn't even shower today...gross. But I have to yell at the top of my lungs and have someone listen to how happy I am.. Guess its gonna be you.
Addison is a gagger/throw-upper. Its her thing. most kids at around 9-10 months can handle a small bit of "human" food ie Cheerios,crackers, etc. and be able to gum it and down it goes, no not Addi. Give a little cracker or something and "Ralph" Time after time, doctor visit after doctor visit.
She puked in the grocery store once after giving her the smallest portion of doughnut you can possibly envision. Not just spit up. The full deal. People stopping and starring, gawking really. One time my good friend Maryina and I went to Applebee's for lunch, I gave her a Cheerio. Gag-Ralph-again not just a small amount. We're talking Mount Vesuvius. I wanted to cry. She was crying, Mary was laughing her head off and saying "now I know what your talking about!" It was a source of alot of worry here at that Dalton's.

Well we've been working on it and I've received lots of advice and I am proud to report that Addi, ate spaghetti for dinner and poppy seed chicken for lunch! She did so great! A little gag here or there but not much, she can kinda control it now. I am so relived that she will not be eating strained food for the rest of her life. Mom is Bustin'

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Whip It, Whip it Good!

Crack That Whip...

I wake up to stuff like this all the time. These to weirdo's have my mixing bowls on their strange little heads. The look just like the 80's band Devo, and that aweful video of Whip It. I couldn't stop singing the song for a few days. I hope it is now stuck in your heads.
Heath is so funny. Strange but funny.