Thursday, July 31, 2008

Who and What is Amos?

For those of you at our house recently you have probably wondered? "why is there a little black baby doll in the family room?" Well this is Amos. Heath's prized childhood possession. His Granny made it for him when his mother failed to produce a black brother or sister ( all that Heath wanted was a little black brother or sister but didn't understand genetics) Addison is obsessed with him. She loves to chew on metal buttons on his lovely orange ensemble and to pull out his corn rows. Heath says and I quote " if the house starts on fire Amos is the one thing I would grab!" makes me feel special inside. Amos is so ugly he is cute and Addi loves him so...what can I do?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

aunt lisa's family

My Aunt Lisa and her family came up from Mesa to come to a family wedding and I took some photo's of her family. We don't get to see each other very much and it was nice to see them. She is a very loving and strong person and I love her, and her family. The whole fam
Alec (Malfoy):)

I really like this one, I think they turned out nice

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I got this idea from my Sister-in-law Lindsey, and I have seen it a few places also. If you know me a little or alot, please leave a comment about a memory we share together or that you have of me. I hope I get at least one response, or I will feel really lame. Also I would like others I know to copy this and post it on their blogs also, so I can write something about you. Or I will just email you.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the universe is against me

the universe is against me Have you ever had a day/week/month when the entire universe and all the gravitational pull is working against you. Seriously. I have had the worst day/week/month!
First of all it is hot as Haites. I hate summer. if i could run my ac at 62 I would. I literally hate being hot, sweaty, dirty, smelly, and sticky. all the feelings I have when the mercury rises above 75.
I cant get Addison to eat any solids lately, her schedule is all off because she is going to bed later and waking up later-which is good. Just a new thing to figure out when and where we can do things. And she pukes a lot. We were in 7/11 getting Slurpee's and she barfed all over me, her the store, etc. and if I was sticky, and smelly before. Just wait.
And after all that I come home to the cat that just puked in the front entry. At least I didn't step in it.
There are many other stories of how the universe is working against me, but I think I complain too much. Call me if you want more.
I think I am going to take George Costanza's angle and do everything the opposite of what I would normally do.. It worked for him. Worth a shot.
One good thing.. I got a serger to sew with, I've always wanted one. I got it off KSL .com for a steal. (love try it, it might surprise you.
Till the earth starts rotating clockwise, i will be hibernating in my house till fall... adieu