Tuesday, June 29, 2010


SNL does the "Really..." section of the news so here is mine for the day. Really.

Stayed up till 2am looking for the damn cat "kitten" that we adopted 3 weeks ago. Really? Never did find it. Really! It has now been missing almost 24 hours. Really! I feel so sad. Really! Really responsible.

Get a call from Heath. "ah honey the car needs new tires, its going to be around $500" Really. Oh and the brakes are metal on metal. It needs new brakes and rotors." Really! "400" Really. Really!

"Addi are you pooping your pants----again" Really!

45 min nap from Addi , after coaxing her to sleep for 30 mins ......Really, Really!

Another call from Heath--"car isn't going to be done today--still down to one car till tomorrow" Really!!! Really!

I have a sore throat and a horrible cold. Really! oh and allergies on top of it. Really!

Oh and I just sneezed and wet my pants. Really!

God hates me. Really

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Partners in Crime...A&A

Ava and Addi....TROUBLE!!!! with a big ol' "T"!!! I have a feeling it isn't going to get easier either. These funny little farts are best buddies. also each others scape-goat, accomplice, and in the not to far future get-away-car. Loni and I can always count on finding both of these girlies up to something. Getting into grandma's fabric and sewing room. Letting Max the dog out of his pen, jumping on top of the wood pile for no other reason because mom's say "NO" My mom told me I would get a daughter just like me, she was right. I'm in TROUBLE if she does half the stuff I got away with.