Thursday, May 29, 2008

Off the charts.

Addi went to her 6 month appt last Friday,

So here are her stats

length....28.9 inches 105th percentile

weight....18.6 pounds 78th percentile

head circumference ( I cant remember the exact cm. but she is in the 10th percentile,she is her dad all the way

The Dr double checked her length and head. I wasn't really surprised since she in wearing 18month clothes ( for the length)

I know she didn't get her height from her mother. I am definitely not in 105th percentile.

She is normal and healthy with the height of a nine month old. :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Grandpa Vern would be proud

Front Yard
Our Font Porch,

Heath standing in our yard that we don't know what to do with, so we have alot of grass

After berating Heath about the ceiling fans, I must give him props on the beautiful yard. Heath is really great at having the best looking and greenest lawn on the block. There is a unsaid competition that goes on in our neighborhood. Heath is the Man when it comes to this stuff. Its a lawn that the late Grandpa Vern would be proud of. Heath is obsessed with the sprinklers,fertilizer, weed killer, and overall maintenance of it. I have to say it does look good.
PS I planted the flowers.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Viva Las....Mesquite?

Heath and I just returned from a "mommyanddaddy vaca" We are white trash, rednecks so we went to the only logical place---- MESQUITE!

Although there was a mullet convention that weekend, we still had a TON of fun! Heath shot sheet and golfed, I went to have a mani-pedi and soak up the sun by the pool. We went with some friends from high school, it made me feel young again.

I only cried twice about missing Addison. She was in good hands with Grandma Marge and Grandpa Bruce. And my mom said she was an angel. I was glad to come home to my little one though.
No pics sorry, there is no need to take pictures of old fat white people while they are on vacation without their kids!:)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ceiling Fans...I hate thee

I love Heath... but he is not handy. I know he can do things around the house like hang pictures that are heavy, program an elaborate home theater system, make the computer work when it won't, and he can replace a sprinkler head in 40 seconds flat. But I need more.
I bought ceiling fans. Heath thought he could put them up. Well one look after he had removed the old light fixture down to bare wires, opened the box, looked at the instructions and he said " this is way over my head"
I was so heartbroken. I really wanted my fans up. I paid good money for a husband. and the ceiling fans and both were not working out.
SO I did what any woman would do I called one of his "handy" friends. Which entails Mike and Jay. Both friends of ours from High School.
Jay came and installed one. Then Heath felt emasculated and put up the other .
Then they didn't put the right supports for the heavy ceiling fans and had to tear my house apart again. That only took 4 hours. Now one of the fans will only spin on low. Arrrgh!

Why am I not handy. Then I could do things myself. I am handy, I just can't lift a ceiling fan.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Just Pictures of My Addi

An unplanned photo shoot when she was being cute today.