Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quirk Tag

Lee Ann tagged me to write down 6 quirky things I do, I guess I will have to narrow it down from the many, they are mostly involved with cleaning

1- mopping, I like to mop, its weird i know, hands and knees mopping, I really like a clean kitchen,bathroom etc floor. I get embarrassed when someone comes over unannounced and my floor isn't perfectly clean. like anyone cares.?

2-funny twitchy thing with my lips- watch me close for about 5 mins and I'll do it. I've always done it. My aunt Lori does it too.

3-being early- I like to be early, I think this came from my dad who says "I'd rather be 15 mins early than 2 mins late"

4-zits--gross I know but I really love a good black head to squeeze, especially if it is heaths. poor man.

5 -washing hands- not ocd but I hate my hands dirty or when I think they are dirty. After grocery shopping, Wally's or anywhere I know virus' or bacteria are. IE doorknobs, light switches, handles, money. hands are disgusting anyway but when you actually wrote a paper in Biology about what is really on them, you wash your hands alot.

6-make-up I have a hard fast rule about makeup. I put make up on every day, it makes me feel put together and like I don't live in a cave. I get dressed for the day too. I can't stand being in pj's all day, I feel lazy.

well i'll stop writing so I still can have a few friends left. thanks alot lee lee.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Photo Tag

This is my friend Michelle's idea, you go to your 4th folder and the 4th picture and you blog about it. Well here it is, if you don't already know it is the Nauvoo Temple at night. My family went there in '06. June I think and I didn't take many pictures, except the Temple. It was a great trip and was really cool to see the temple after the last time I saw it when it was nothing but a field with stones and markers. We went thru and did a session and it is gorgeous on the inside. Long trip but a good trip.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


She's everywhere and has a scream on her. Boots has no peace and has a complex now. She refuses to eat anything with texture/substance. Is lightning fast on those chubby little knees. She weighs damn near 24 lbs and will not walk. I know walking means "my life is over" but my back could use a break.
I've never been so tired in my life