Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hibernating in the summer...

Hibernating> verb- the art of moving from one air-conditioned dwelling to another in the Utah summer.
Anybody that knows me, well actually anyone in ear shot knows how much I hate summer. Not all of summer. Just 95+ days. Which is most of July and August.
I don't like to sweat in my clothes and be sticky. And I have to wear three layer of clothing ( you know what I mean.) Cursing every time I get in my car because its 1000 degrees inside . Having to lather up every inch of me and Addi with sunblock if we venture out, Its like preparing for deep sea diving. I never have been able to tan-never will. Swimming at the local pool feeling completely inadequate on front of the toothpicks. . . till you see the 400 lb woman and I think " I'm not doing so bad, am I?" sad. Trying to find a bathing suit that remotely hold up the girls while controlling the baby gut, and doesn't ride up the crack ...its out there I know it---the search continues. Fireworks till 11pm-come on people..go to sleep already. Sunrise at 5:30am
One consolation is that the earth is still rotating counterclockwise and it will not be summer forever. Amen-Hallelujah

Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Pictures

Funny Little Addi
No fear

Oh..... Sweet.
I haven't taken "photos" of Addi in a while and have been meaning to. So today was the day. She hates me now...... but....the pictures are done and I feel happy. She is getting so big so fast. not to mention she is the size of a 3 year old. I love her so much, even though this week she has started what we call "Addi-tude" Everything is "mine""no!" The terrible two's are here early I guess. sigh.