Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On the Run!

I looked at the scale last night and after it yelled "get off, get off!" I decided "enough is enough!" I am fat, sloppy, and flabby. I used to have a six pack, no longer! I have a mom-body.

SO today was the first time I have gone running in about a year. Man am I out of shape! I went on the trail for 30 mins, mind you I walked half of it!~ It felt good to be out there ,but I felt inside like fatty Magee huffying and puffing the whole way! My goal is to loose 15 lbs of this blasted baby weight, that I ate my way up to. I will let you know my progress. I hope there is some to report in the near future.

6 months...already

In a few days Addison will be 6 months old. It went by so fast and my little babins is getting so big
Last night all of a sudden her lower anterior teeth came in, no wonder she has been such a grump. These are pictures that she is not crying in.
I love her so much,but want her to stay small. she is at such a fun age right now.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

one little sock...

Baby socks are ridiculously cute, I love them. I love to put them on my fingers and I love putting them on Addi, I like the way the smell like bleach, really clean...just out of the laundry smell.
But, I do not like losing them to the sock gnomes that live in my dryer.
I was folding the clothes and I had one baby sock missing, I hate not having everything matched and put away (ocd that's me) so I unfolded all my laundry, searched the entire house, checked the washer, the dryer, her diaper bag, I mean everywhere! I finally gave up after an hour of intense searching.
I started to put her clothes away in drawers--- and there it was! the little p.o.s., right there in her top drawer, starring at me. I felt crazy and very housewife-ish.
Tell me, have I been in the house to long? honestly!~

Friday, April 11, 2008

Today is the day for rolling!

Addison has been working very hard the last couple of weeks learning to roll over ,and today she did it unassisted while I was changing her diaper. Yeah for my Addi! She is growing up to fast.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Whales and Giraffes

This is Addisons impression of a beached whale, notice her little legs are blurred because they were moving so fast. She unfortunatly is going to crawl early I am afraid....sigh
That poor Giraffe, besides the fact this is her favorite toy the poor thing is chewed on pulled on and its little antlers are great to use as a teething ring. I think she is giving the unknowing Giraffe the stink-eye in this picture.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I know...alot about teeth
I needs to warm again.
I am slow drivers and stupid people
I love..My little family
I lose 15 lbs
I take....a nap every day ( when I can)
I hear...the dryer...constantly
I drink...alot of diet coke
I hate...high gas prices
I use....clorox wipes on everything
I carpet
I like....taking walks with Addi to the elememtary shool down the street
I wear....anything that fits right now and that is clean
I left....the garage door open, again
I do...alot of dishes and laundry
I hope...Addison is smart and athletic
I dream....of not having to worry about less thing ya know!
I drive...impaitently
I 90's rock, I'm a grunge girl
I type....very slowly
I think....about friends I dont see often
I wish...I could remember things better
I am....a mom, a wife, a dental assistant, a friend, a sister,daughter, and a house maid
I regret....not going to more college
I care....about the enviroment
I said....enough to get in trouble.
I much worse can the world get?
I cry....when my feelings are hurt.
I keys
I leave...piles of projects everywhere
I should...go to the gym more, go to church more, go to the temple more etc...

I tag anyone that wants to be...

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Kinda Girl

Addison is Heaths clone but she has my personality, she wants what she wants and she wants it done correctly, she likes her naps and baths on schedule, and will tell you about it . She likes to go shopping for anything. Recently we went to the IKEA and she though that was pretty cool.

A funny little story about Addison's sense of humor. and why she is more like me that I thought. We finally put the high chair together, she really likes pounding her hands on the tray and looking outside our back bay window. So I put her in it for the first time and it has this harness thingy that I needed to adjust and hadn't done it before hand. So while she is in the chair, tray on, I am underneath the thing trying to tighten the straps. Of course it is more complicated than a 5 point racing harness and loosens when you want it to tightened and vice versa.

SO there I monkeying with this thing on my knees and I could not get it to work and I said "son of a b$%*@!" in frustration. Addison started laughing hysterically. Which I have never been able to make her laugh like that ever. It was so funny, I started laughing and she thought I was so hilarious too. I would have laughed at anyone trying to mess with that harness and it getting the better of them also. Addi your my kinda girl!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

God cant be everywhere....that's why he made Grandma's

I love Grandma's!!! Not only do I love my Nana and Grandma Taylor, but I love Addisons grandparents. They are the best. Moments notice, errand of angels, self-less.

Susan (Grandma Dalton) is the best. She takes Addison two days a week for us 8am-5pm, never complains, when I ask how she was this or that day. She always makes Addison seem like a perfect baby, no trouble at all. Which I know isn't true but it makes me feel good. Like I actually know what I am doing. It also comforts me to know Addison is in good, capable,loving hands. The woman had/has 7 children, she is a Saint to me. She MAKES the cutest dresses for Addison. Raised a wonderful son , and is just an amazing woman.

My Mom (Margie...aka...Grandma Taylor) is wonderful. I call a day in advance for a night out babysitting request. "No problem, I'd love to" is always her reply. Besides the numerous phone calls, the late nights that she stayed with me while Heath was away on buisness, and always saying..."your doing fine sweetheart..just keep it up" She works full time and takes care of My Nana, is the Blazer leader, and runs a houshold. With all that she is still "not busy" enough to help me out at a moments notice, like today, when I needed her to pick up Addi because I was late getting home from work. Bless this woman!

God Bless Grandma's, The world, (and new mothers) would not survive with out them!