Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Night "Out"

I was all planned so perfectly. I had a babysitter, Addi fed, make-up on, cute clothes on and ready for a night out with Heath. No No universe doesn't work that way.

6:15 pm enjoying ice cream at my friends Mary's house-its cool, addi's is outside with us having a good time. Killing time before Annie comes to babysit Addi so Heath and I can go out.

6:29 pm ( one minute till Heath is expected home) WHACK!!!!! Addison falls and smacks her head on the metal lawn chair. Lets out a scream I've never heard before and instantly feel panic. I run over to her and she has blood pouring down her little face and I see the gash that is above her eye. It's deep. Does it need stitches? Clean it off with a paper towel -yep! it needs a stitch or three.

Mary and I take her to my house. Look at it one more time to reassure ourselves it needs attention other than a band-aid. Jump in the car and furiously drive to the Insticare-- Addi did great till Mary, I ,and a nurse had to hold her down to get the 2 sutures in. Oh she can scream. Great nurse. Great Friend. Great Doctor. Not a great night out.

Sniffling after it was all done. The nice nurse asked if she wanted a sticker and a prize. In the saddest little voice she says. "yeah

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Minky

Addison has named her favorite blanket- "Minky" All day long its "where's the minky, go get your minky, MY minky."
Heaven forbid we have to wash said "minky" . I did once and she had a total melt down in front of the washer. "NO, NO, Minky" Hitting the glass on the door saying "MINE, MINE!"
I don't know why she in so attached ... but, there is no stopping it. She is really funny about it, she loves the corners and will rub them on the palm of her hand. I think it soothes her.
I carried around a red and white elephant named Happy till I left home, so I kinda understand it.