Monday, June 22, 2009

Goodbye Boots

our good friend and pet Boots the cat died yesterday. It has been such a hard day for me. I cry just typing this. He somehow got Asthmatic Pneumonia and could not get better. After watching him struggle to breathe for 3 days we decided it was his time to go to kitty heaven. ( which I really believe in , see D&C 77:3) I miss my friend. He was such a good cat, gentle, loving and funny. I will miss him sitting on his window seat, and sleeping with me at night. He was a good mouser and always brought us "presents" at the back door. He was our cat for 7 years. It is a habit of mine to look for him at the back door. It is sad not to see his little face there anymore. Miss you Boots.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

To all my dental peeps....

This is a post for my people. The gross people I love, that pick at teeth and get a sick fascination from it. others read on but you might not get it.
So I am diligent about brushing Addi's teeth, fluoride every day. etc. well last night and today she slept horrible. I didn't sleep much either. So I'm brushing her teeth and I notice the tooth brush is all bloody and i think it is way too early for 2 year molars and I struggle to pull her cheek back and look and I see her upper right molar is all red and puffy on the buccal side. and I see what looks like some calc. or something. So grab my handy explorer that it is in my bathroom drawer and go excavating. not pretty but I get an entire oatmeal kernel (or whatever) from the sulcus. I gave her a granola bar YESTERDAY! fascinating. I bleeds like crazy and then it lookes ten times better.